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Leadership Guide

Over the last twenty years I have explored the many facets of leadership with thousands of

people. My work has included teaching, facilitating mentoring and coaching.

View a comprehensive list of clients I have had the privilege to work with.

As I continue to reduce the amount I do, my work is now focused around two distinct areas:

Teaching the principles of authentic leadership to younger leaders, inspiring and enabling

them to find their voice and build a better world.

Working with more senior leaders to build an Inspire & Enable leadership culture in teams

and organisations that will unleash potential and deliver amazing results.



    I facilitate a Facebook group called Lead! Community, a place where like-minded leaders can

share their challenges and experiences, seek help and advice, network, build alliances and

share and discuss leadership material.


To join the group click here. 

    I chair a charity, the Osprey Leadership Foundation, established by Dr Tim Mackrill. We

work with younger people from different cultures and contrasting backgrounds to inspire

them about the natural world and enable them to develop into conservation leaders making

a difference locally, nationally and internationally.

We run school educational programmes, a Becoming a Conservation Leader programme and

Evolving Conservation Leaders, an innovative cohort of conservationists early in their

careers, providing networking, development and mentoring opportunities.

Read more about the Osprey Leadership Foundation here

    I have a number of both voluntary and paid mentoring and coaching relationships, choosing

to work primarily with younger authentic leaders who want to make a difference to the

world around them. Every assignment is different and all are rewarding.


To find out more get in touch.

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