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Finding your voice in a chaotic world

My newest leadership book is now also available from Amazon - buy it here!

In ‘Lead Like Mary’ we explored the concept of authentic leadership. We met Mary, low in

ego, high in humility, a leader who inspires and enables others, gaining her legitimacy from who she is, not the position she holds, part of an evolution from autocratic to authentic leadership, from a leadership paradigm of Command & Control to one built around Inspiring & enabling others.

But becoming an authentic leader is no longer enough. We live in a chaotic world, turned

upside down by seismic events. We’ve faced a global pandemic and we have a climate

emergency. Wars, terrorism, corruption and rampant self-interest blight our world, while

closer to home poverty and food banks have become part of everyday life.

We cannot wait for or expect that leadership to come from the top, from governments,

political leaders, religious leaders, heads of conglomerates and corporations. It’s inevitable we’ve become cynical, worn out by self-preservation, big egos and obsessive wealth gathering.

Here’s the good news. We don’t need to rely on those leaders. Every one of us is capable of taking action ourselves. Today.

We can become a leader who makes a difference, builds a better world around them, helps build a better tomorrow for others. You know the most exciting thing? No-one can stop you!

I’m not talking about individuals like you and me delivering major change, this is about

much smaller actions that might create a better world for just one person. Imagine that

repeated millions of times - that’s when major change occurs.

As Greta Thunberg says 'no-one is too small to make a difference.’

My new book aims to inspire and enable you to find your voice, to focus on what’s possible and to build a better world from the inside-out. We revisit Mary’s traits, share the inspirational stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things, and explore a framework for finding your voice and delivering sustainable change.

Buy your copy here.


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