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Concrete Wall

An introduction from Barry...

Leadership has been my passion and fascination for many more years than I care to remember! At university, being elected to represent thousands of students was immersion in the deep end. A role as Chief Executive of a small charity followed, making it up as I went along with the misplaced confidence of youth. Then fifteen years with a large corporate, rising to Managing Director level, successive bosses teaching me how not to lead. A couple of joyous years followed as part of a leadership team which re-wrote the leadership rules for a 1000 outlet hospitality business with spectacular results, and finally twenty plus years running my own business, where I have had the privilege of working with thousands of people exploring leadership. ​ As I enter the autumn of my professional life, my passion is undimmed, I still have so much to learn. What I do know it that leaders anywhere, at every level of organisations, also in families, schools, communities and society, can improve lives, unlock potential, deliver outstanding results, build a better tomorrow. Those leaders that do are authentic, effective and brave. People choose to follow them because of who they are. They have no need of big offices and fancy job titles. They find their voice, inspire and enable others. My teaching of leadership is based around a few timeless principles: ​ Anyone can be a leader, it’s a choice. Leaders can and must exist at every level of organisations. Leadership is a whole life activity, we can also choose to lead in our lives outside work. ​ Leadership is an inside-out activity, it can only begin with us. It is because of who we are that we build a better world for those around us. Only then can we hope to influence change on a wider scale. It’s through effective leadership that things move forward, we make a difference, improve lives, inspire others and unlock greatness, build a better tomorrow. Truly effective leaders are authentic and genuine. Low in ego and high in humility they find their voice, unleash potential, inspire and enable, deeply rooted in a belief in serving others. ‘Lead Like Mary’ is the title of my leadership book, first published in 2014, built from almost fifty years of observing and experiencing leaders of every shape and size, from the truly excellent to the frankly terrifying! Mary is a fictional character who can exist anywhere, an authentic leader. I describe the ten traits that I have seen most commonly demonstrated by great leaders. My work is focused around three distinct areas. Leadership Guide Communicator Author​ Find out more via this site.​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

Concrete Wall


I am the author of four published books, three of which focus on my passion for leadership, the other being my debut novel 


Work has also begun on a sequel to The Lobster Pot Cafe.

Concrete Wall

Reflecting on countless interactions with people, teams and organisations over the years I am more and more convinced that highly effective communications lies at the heart of truly great teams and organisations.

It builds trust, understanding and engagement.


Conversely, dig into any fractured, failing or even mediocre team or organisation and you will swiftly encounter poor communication.

Exactly the same applies in our relationships More...


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