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Barry Dore

Leadership Guide - Author - Broadcaster

My online Lead Like Mary programme provides a flexible and effective opportunity for organisations and individuals to build their leadership capability.


"Meeting Mary was an eye opening experience and the Lead Like Mary programme was a welcome change from other leadership programmes that I have attended in the past, that seem to focus on a more autocratic leadership style.

Mary is the kind of leader I want to be, she cares about her employees and her organisation but most importantly leads in the right way.

Barry provided reflective exercises on a weekly basis and gave us the opportunity to discuss each of Mary's traits in an hour long session, with other like minded leaders, attending the course.

The course was structured well, a combination of face to face virtual meetings and discussions on a group page, over 12 weeks which allowed us to balance work priorities and give us the time to reflect on the material.

I would recommend the course to anyone that wants to develop their skills as a leader and lead in the right way.

Thank you Barry for your wisdom and support."





Bespoke Programmes


Geared to the precise needs of the client, I run on-line Lead Like Mary programmes with a number of organisations. Contact me to discuss opportunities and options.


Public Programmes.


I run online Lead Like Mary public programmes.


The next programme will run over 12 weeks commencing Sprin 2022 and will be limited to just 10 participants on a first come first served basis.

Your time commitment will be 2 hours per week over the 12 weeks (plus any additional time you choose to spend on further reading, research or reflection)


The programme will consist of:


-Weekly material exploring authentic leadership and Mary’s traits.

-Weekly self-reflection exercises

-Weekly discussion group with me and fellow participants reviewing the week’s material

-The opportunity to work with like-minded participants, to learn from each other and build alliances

-Two group Zoom sessions

-The opportunity to discuss 1-1 with me any leadership challenge


The fee for the programme is £250 (plus VAT).

Contact me to reserve a place or for more information


1-1 Support

I work with leaders at every level from a variety of backgrounds providing empathic yet challenging 1-1 support

With the current Covid climate, my 1-1s are now online. I believe it is so important to find reflective space away from the normal work environment.

Here, we can confidentially explore work and whole life challenges - the two are inseparable

I am privileged to have many of these relationships - it’s up there with the most fulfilling things I do.

A flavour of current assignments will demonstrate their diversity:

The Chief Executive of a social care charity

An Olympic athlete

The head teacher of an award winning primary school

The founder of a conservation charity

The founder of a re-wilding charity

A fundraiser with a breast cancer charity

A football referee

More programme feedback...

"Lead Like Mary provides a great framework for leadership, with a core focus on self-reflection that empowers each individual to build on their own strengths.

What I loved most about this programme was its approach to leadership as a life skill, rather than something just for line managers and corporate bosses.

Barry, through Mary, teaches you how to be an effective leader in your community, in group activities and among your peers.

Participants can learn from each other, share stories and discuss their struggles in a supportive environment – and always with encouragement and advice from Barry throughout.

I would highly recommend this programme for anyone who would like to build their confidence in leadership – you will learn so much, meet great people and most importantly, you will have a great time!"


Programme Feedback

Inspiring, I’ve seen nothing else like it and the principles. A great programme, motivates individuals to be the best they can. Applies to all areas of your life.


For everyone not just those in management roles, it’s fantastic personal development. I would have run a mile from a management course and what I perceived it to be. This was not like that! Give it a go you won’t be sorry! Barry is inspirational.


A course that triggers you to look inside yourself and reflect on your own personal development.


Transformational change potential is huge, content is spot on and it’s essential for the future.


Great way to blend learning, so it embeds. Ability to learn at own pace, self-reflect and share with others too


Opens peoples eyes to what is possible for anyone

A well structured and paced programme that gives great insights


I’ve done many different courses over my working life but this one struck a nerve. Thank you Barry for the opportunity to participate, I don’t know what’s going to change right now but I know there will be change


Great course that encourages deep self reflection.


It re-enforced the idea that we can all be leaders, demystifying the role. Thank you for this opportunity Barry, it has been a great experience.


Excellent programme with time for reflection built in. This programme will instill confidence in you in your working life, but also keep you motivated and driven in your private life. The way forward for the ‘new norm’ of training.


The programme was really informative and the information put into digestible chunks.


It was enjoyable, well-structured and had a positive impact on my leadership development


Lead! Community

As the name suggests this is a community of like-minded people I have had the privilege to meet and to work with over the years.

They come from all walks of life and fulfill a wide variety of leadership roles, from the Chair of one of the UKs biggest companies, to an Olympic Gold Medalist, company and charity CEOs, charity founders, teachers, people in the NHS and many involved in voluntary endeavors from a community enterprise to scout groups.

What they all have in common is they are authentic leaders who believe in and strive to role model Mary’s traits.

They also embody the spirit of Lead!- every day they focus on making a difference and building a better tomorrow.

The Community encourages and enables them to share experiences, learn from each other, discuss any aspect of leadership, and build alliances.

The Community has established New World Leadership, two cohorts who meet online regularly to explore challenges and opportunities, and runs a series of leadership symposia.

Our community facilitators

Join this amazing community here!

Evolving Leaders

I believe it is this next generation of leaders who have the opportunity to truly make a difference to the world of work and beyond

I have recently concluded a five years Evolving Leaders programme where I worked with fifty younger leaders from a variety of backgrounds, ranging from charity leaders, to a school head teacher, entrepreneurs, conservationists, a farmer, Chief Executives, IT specialists and a snow boarding instructor!

The programme featured workshops, networking opportunities, optional 1-1 support and a Facebook group

It was wonderful to watch participants grow during the five years, whether it was through being promoted to new roles, taking on additional responsibilities, setting up their own business, personal adventures and achievements or simply becoming more confident and effective leaders


Community Leadership

Great leadership, based on authentic principles, is crucial everywhere, not just in organisations.

We also need inspirational and effective leadership in families, in communities and in a host of other voluntary roles

Between 2008 and 2017 I led a project in my community of Fradswell to address the real issues of rural isolation and physical and psychological well-being.

The experience was amazing.

A small, committed team, united in a common purpose and vision, delivered £500,000 worth of funding to build a new village hall and serenity garden and provided the spark that ignited a vibrant rural community


I am proud to be the inaugural Chair of the

Osprey Leadership Foundation,

a charity created by entrepreneur

Dr Tim Mackrill, which exists to inspire and enable tomorrow’s conservation leaders in the UK and Africa


Inspired by the migratory path of the Osprey, of which Tim is an internationally renowned expert, the charity focuses on education programmes in schools, supporting young leaders in their first conservation roles, funding university bursaries and running a Stars of the Future scheme with personalised support opportunities

Last year we launched the Osprey Leadership Academy, designed to equip future conservation leaders with the knowledge skills and confidence to make a real difference to the world around them. The Academy runs Becoming a Conservation Leader, a 12 weeks interactive on line programme.


So far sixty young leaders have completed the programme.


Following the Becoming a Conservation Leader programmes, we invite some of the participants to join Evolving Conservation Leaders, a cohort of those we believe have the potential to make a significant impact on and difference to, the world around them over the course of their conservation career.


Our commitment is to support participants over a sustained period of time by providing mentoring support, voluntary opportunities, mutual support forums and specific workshops.


Conservation Leadership

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