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Reflecting on countless interactions with people, teams and organisations over the years I am more and more convinced that highly effective communications lies at the heart of truly great teams and organisations.

It builds trust, understanding and engagement. Conversely dig into any fractured, failing or even mediocre team or organisation and you will swiftly encounter poor communication.

Exactly the same applies in our relationships, not just with our team, boss and colleagues at work, but in our personal lives as well. How often do couples grow apart because of a failure to communicate effectively? How many issues could have been avoided with more effective communications?

Being an effective communicator is not easy, especially in the busy lives we lead, but it’s essential if relationships are to blossom and teams and organisations to be effective.


At work this can be achieved through effective 1-1s, team meetings, communications roadshows or similar events. Walking meetings are a fabulous alternative. Face to face communications are by far the most effective. Where logistics make that difficult, podcasts, blogs, vlogs and newsletters all have their place.

In our personal lives talking to those we have a relationship with is important, but listening is even more so. Effective listening to build understanding takes determination, practice and commitment.


Here's my podcast on effective listening


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Leadership Reflections is my collection of podcasts exploring all aspects of leadership.

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