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Lead Like Mary was published in 2014. The book draws on my experiences of observing hundreds of leaders, both good and bad, from a 35 years career. I then identified the common traits demonstrated by the truly great leaders I encountered.

Above all, those great leaders were, without exception, authentic. They earned their right to lead others from who they were, not the position they held. They unlocked the potential of those around them through inspiring, enabling and trusting them. They constantly strove to do the right thing in the right way.

From these studies, the fictional Mary emerged, consistently demonstrating the traits in the model below.


Be a leader

Be a role model

Be brave

Six years on, the world continues to change. We face more and more challenges. On the world stage, leaders of nations are being elected who are the antipathy of Mary. We face a climate emergency of unprecedented levels. Closer to home not just organisations but families, schools, communities, voluntary endeavours, governments, society itself requires outstanding leadership at every level. On top of all those challenges, we are now battling a global pandemic.

We need leaders who are authentic - who exist to serve others, are genuine, humble, caring, values-led, trusting and trustworthy

Leaders who are effective - who focus on their own balance and well-being, surround themselves with the right people, set clear goals, execute superbly, unlock potential, build engagement, practice joint accountability

Leaders who are brave - who find their voice, are not afraid to challenge, are entrepreneurial, creative, who think differently, are relentless, determined and resilient.

Lead! is your call to action.

It does not change the Lead Like Mary narrative, it builds on it, re-enforcing Mary’s traits with new thinking, new material and new case studies.

It actively encourages you to share and teach the material.

Most of all it challenges you to find your voice, to deliver transformational change, to build a better tomorrow everywhere - whether it is in an organisation, community, voluntary endeavour, with friends, in your family!

The need has never been more urgent and more important.

Covid - 19

I launched my new Lead! material at the beginning of February last year.

Even at that point, nobody could have predicted how the world would be turned upside down in just a few short weeks.

The need for authentic, effective and brave leadership, now and in the future, has been elevated to a completely new level.

In this podcast I explore the challenges and opportunities the world now faces